JavaOne 2009 Woah, I know KungFu


Woah, I know KungFu-Neo

I’m sure folks have seen the movie “The Matrix” where in the scene when Neo is downloading all the fight training programs to his tiny brain. Well, that was my experience at JavaOne.  Ok, maybe I’m being overly dramatic, but you must understand how long I’ve been wanting to go to this conference. So, coming back from JavaOne I learned a great deal and I have been still digesting what I have learned. My main focus was desktop development and I was privileged to hang out with many great engineers from Sun and Authors of many books that I’ve only known virtually. Here are some photos during my time at the JavaOne 2009 Conference in San Francisco. I wish I had taken more photos, but its OK, I got a lot of videos with a very cool HD flip camcorder they gave me. Here are the many sessions and their slides that I have attended: Sun Developer Network / JavaOne / Java SE and Desktop However, I did get a chance to see and learn at least two server-side sessions too.

One of my main goals as an avid Java person (thanks to my two daughters) was to learn and meet the people who are the pioneers of JavaFX.  Another highlight of the day (day 2) was I got a chance to meet James Gosling which was an honor and privilege.

JavaOne Store

(not to be confused with the Java App Store)

One of the coolest things I’ve seen was the HTC diamond phone that was demonstrated and sold at the JavaOne Store. This is a full featured phone which contains Java ME/ JavaFX 1.2 which is demonstrated at Sergey Malenkov’s Blog. He has many JavaFX mobile apps demonstrated on the phone. I too bought this super duper cool phone. When I get some free time I will start playing with JavaFX mobile and blog about it.

I was one of the lucky ones to buy other stuff at the JavaOne store. It was pretty busy because people were just trying to buy up everything Java, Java, Java from t-shirts, pens, dukes, etc. As if it was the last JavaOne we will ever see. Actually it would be the last Sun sponsored one we’ll ever see. (but good news here is Scott & Larry’s keynote) . I guess this indicates how many developer folks continue to love all things Java no matter the economic conditions. (Kathy Sierra’s Blog entry about the JavaOne Store on July 04, 2005).

JavaOne Bookstore

John Griffin writes “Top Ten at JavaOne” on The Server Side about the top selling books at the JavaOne Conference Bookstore. Which the top two are ones that I have bought. One book that is worth mentioning is the “Pro JavaFX™ Platform: Script, Desktop and Mobile RIA with Java™ Technology” which did not make it on the shelves that day, However I got a chance to meet all four authors (Weiqi Gao, Dean Iverson, Stephen Chin, James L. Weaver) at the JavaOne Bookstore for a book signing. I have the e-book and waiting for my hard copy to be delivered.

1. JavaFX: Building Rich Internet Applications – Addison Wesley ISBN: 013701287X
2. Essential JavaFX – PTR (out June 11, 2009) ISBN: 0137042795


I am still reading both books and will have more examples to show, so stay tuned.


I was happy to come home, but sad that it was over so quickly. Coming out of JavaOne I felt that there was a huge sense of a new beginning and that JavaFX Script/platform will be what early Java was meant to be (truly cross platform). Just witnessing JavaFX 1.2 running on a mobile device, TV settop box and the Desktop it simply tells me where the future of JavaFX will eventually move towards.  As consumers demand better user experiences and richer content I believe that Java/Sun was very wise to move in this direction. I can only hope that Oracle will embrace this technology and come out strong to compete with other RIA technologies.

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