At the boardwalk

At the boardwalk thinking of coding ideas.

I’m am a co-author of JavaFX 9 by ExampleJavaFX 8 Introduction by ExampleJava 7 Recipes, Java 8 Recipes and a tech reviewer for the Pro JavaFX 2 book from Apress publishing. I have been a Java Developer and fan since the very beginning. This blog’s focus primarily is about learning about graphics, UI, IoT and techie related things, but whenever something annoys me I might have a rant or two.  I am a Java/JavaFX enthusiast who likes to share and talk about all things UI.  I will dedicate my efforts in creating simple code examples to help others and myself learn.

Most of all, to just have fun!

Projects where I have contributed to:
JDIC – Java Desktop Integration Components
JFXtras – Community site

My claim to fame:
NetBeans contest winner
JavaOne 2009 ‘Dude Where’s my Pass’ contest winner

Name: Carl Dea
Twitter: carldea

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/carldea
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/carldea


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