Creating A Sci-Fi JavaFX World Clock

It has been awhile since I last blogged on CarlFX and I want to let my readers (you) know that I will mainly be blogging over at the new site. What is foojay you may ask?

“Welcome to foojay, a place for friends oOpenJDK. Foojay’s user-focused Java and OpenJDK technical dashboards provide free data for daily Java developers. At the click of a button, you have access to updated analyses, selected highlights, and categorized lists arranged for easy consumption on all things Java.”

In other words, it’s a community driven site where beginners to advanced Java developers will be able to collaborate and learn about all things Java. There, you’ll be able to learn from experts and Java Champions that discuss topics such as Java, JavaFX, Gaming, Microservices, Security, IDEs, Embedded, IoT, Cloud, etc. Foojay online also has tools that allow you to explore features and command options between Java releases.

What about CarlFX?

While I will be spending more time over at I still plan to continue my existing work as time allows to just blog about interesting topics such as programming, algorithms, math, art, AI, gaming, science and design.

Creating a JavaFX World Clock from Scratch

Many of us these days are working from home. Most likely you will be using video chat to talk to co workers possibly around the world. Unfortunately there are many times when I lose track of time and do not realize the time difference while chatting with my co-workers. So in response to this problem I thought of creating a cool looking sci-fi world clock using JavaFX on the new Java 16 JDK.

The blog series are hosted on the site if you are interested in following along. The blog series are still a work in progress (Part 1-6). Links will be available when they are published.

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of blogging again and connecting with all of you!


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