JavaOne Minute


Leading up to and during the JavaOne 2009 conference I will be assisting Sun in capturing interesting aspects of the conference. Please join me and others from Sun and watch exciting interviews with key developers and others like you. So, please keep a look out for me if you want to be interviewed. The quick video takes are called the JavaOne Minutes. Please check them out!

Disclaimer: I’m very new to the whole “In front of the camera experience“. I’m usually the one behind a camera. So, try not to get bored when watching me in the videos. I will have a tinge of Balimorese accent so you can laugh at me and laugh with me.

Another thing to note is that I have listed below all the media that I have done so far relating to JavaOne 2009. I will try to update this as I go along, but I will be on twitter. You can follow me at:

JavaOne Contest entries:

Java Radio w/Chris Melissinos

JavaOne Minute


Too much to see at JavaOne.


  • Join me and others to try to capture JavaOne Minutes at the conference.
  • Laugh and enjoy the videos.
  • Share with the Java Community.

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