I’ll be back…

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry to inform you that I will be taking a break from the JavaFX Game Tutorials to prepare for my upcoming presentation at the Montgomery county (Maryland) Java user group (http://www.mcjug.org) on July 18, 2012. If any of you Java fans are in town stop by between 6:00-8:00pm EST. My talk will be about an introduction to building JavaFX 2 enterprise applications using Grails.

I look forward to resuming where we left off in the JavaFX Game Tutorial series. 😉

Code well my friends!


4 thoughts on “I’ll be back…

  1. Raoul Ohio

    Found a mini bug in Java 7 Recipes, Chap 14:

    P425, the c-tor should be
    new MyCustonGridLayout(5,5,3,2);

    There was a brief era of “col, row” in an otherwise “row, col” project.

  2. carldea Post author


    Thanks for the errata item. The issue was when I first created the custom layout in Swing I designed it with row, column. As I came to work on the JavaFX chapters the GridPane API is used with column, row order. Knowing this issue I went back and changed the custom layout (Swing) to resemble the GridPane (JavaFX) API. My main intent was to provide a straight forward way for developers to migrate Swing code into JavaFX 2 code. I trust you’ll notice the Swing chapter has equivalent JavaFX 2 examples.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed the book!

  3. Raoul Ohio

    Disregard previous remark; I coded the method call parameters in row, col order, you had col, row.

    BTW, I suggest always using row, col order, as done in matrix theory for centuries.

  4. Raoul Ohio

    I love the book. Actually, I jumped right to Chap 14, but plan to continue reading.

    This issue has colliding traditions: I always write row, col when working with matrices, but x, y with coordinates. If you have something that acts kind of like a matrix and kind of like a coordinate, my brain has two conflicting routes it might go in.

    If you ever read up on unicode, there are similar wild issues with things like quoting a R to L language, like Hebrew, inside a L to R language like English. If there are line breaks inside the quote, it is hard to figure out what to do.

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