Java One Contest ‘Dude Where’s my Pass?’


JavaOne Contest – ‘Dude Where’s my Pass?’

JavaOne is a conference that is held every year in California which show cases all the latest and greatest Java based technologies.  This year in 2009 I think it will be different. For starters Sun/Java was purchased by Oracle corp. Aside from business and any rumors, Sun still held awesome contests. One such contest is the JavaFX cash money prize. Another is the community held JavaFX micro challenges by Joshua Marinacci. And lastly, the JavaOne conference contest called ‘Dude, Where’s my Pass?‘ hosted by Chris Melissinos.

I have been a Java fan since the beginning and never had the opportunity to go to JavaOne. Hopefully, I will get a chance to attend JavaOne this year, by winning the contest. I’ve submitted two videos for the contest.

  1. Why my Daddy should go to JavaOne (click)
  2. A Quest for a Pass (click)


Try to win a trip and Pass to JavaOne at the Moscone Center (street view) in San Francisco California.


Have the right attitude no matter if you win or you lose. : )

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